10 Disadvantages To Being Disabled

10 Disadvantages To Being Disabled

1) I can’t scratch my nose
This really does drive me crazy

2)  Adult naptime is somewhat awkward.
Pity really as I was getting quite good at it

3) Pitying looks from passers-by
I’ve even heard people saying “Aw isn’t it a shame”.

4)  People assume I’m stupid

They see that I am physically disabled and assume my brain is too

5)  I can’t go for walk on the beach when I’m stressed  

I come from a coastal town and walking down the tide line is very calming.

6) Unable to play with the latest gadgets
I cannot push buttons et cetera so why can do is stare at the latest tech.

7) My medication interferes with my ablutions

8)  Unable to go out on a whim
I can’t suddenly decide that I want to go out for a curry. I would have to organise an adapted taxi and cancel the carers and so on

9)  Going on holiday is very difficult and expensive
I require carers, a hoist and air mattress which works out to cost a fortune.

10) I have to go to bed at the same time every night
I have to be hoisted into bed which requires the assistance of a carer. Of course these things have to be scheduled in advance.

The above are my opinions regarding my disability

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