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Test Your Knowledge of Eighties Hit Records with this Free Quiz


The 1980s Music Quiz 12 questions on Eighties hit records. Find out free if you’re an 80s Music Guru. It was the decade of New Romantics, Soft Rock and Brit Pop. Madonna had a hit with Holiday and Duran Duran was Hungry Like The Wolf.

Depeche Mode were in their pop music stage. I was a massive fan of U2 and loved the album The Unforgettable Fire. Another favourite of mine was Simple Minds. They had a gigantic hit with Don’t You Forget About Me. Now answer the twelve 1980s Music Quiz questions and find out if you’re an Eighties Music Guru.

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How many of the missing lyrics from the 1980s can you find?

I hope you enjoyed 1980s Music Quiz – Missing Lyrics Edition

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