I ate a Clanger it tasted of …

I had a strange dream last night that I ate a Clanger, and I liked it! Right now you must be thinking how could you. But, I bet a few of you are also wondering what did it taste like?

Well, it didn’t taste like chicken. Strangely enough, it tasted of Welsh Rarebit, to be precise exactly like the one served by the Dutch Chef café on Lord Street in Southport. The other surprise was the consistency. It was just like the marshmallow you get inside of a Tunnocks Tea Cake. I don’t know why but expected it to be more like chewing on a carrot.

Even though I had eaten a Clanger I was still peckish. So I tried a couple of Froglets and they tasted of marzipan I didn’t bother tasting the Soup Dragon as I was feeling pretty full by this stage. Then my alarm clock went off and I was rudely thrust back into reality. I remember my dream a couple of hours later.

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I suppose I should get more sleep and not watch MasterChef just before going to bed. I nearly forgot, we also have a MasterChef Quiz for you to try.

I wonder what gastronomic dreams I will be having tonight. If they are repeatable I will let you know!

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