The Brew Cup Challenge

We love a good brew at Siliconhell. So we thought we would publish The Brew Cup Challenge. The concept is really quite simple. In the picture at the top of the page “Which Cup Would Fill First?”. If you are on the posh side you may want to call this “The Tea Cup Challenge”. People in other countries would probably call it “The Coffee Cup Challenge”. Siliconhell is based in Wigan, north-west of England. we, therefore, call it The Brew Cup Challenge. It doesn’t really matter, it all amounts to the same thing. Which cup would fill first?

Just in case you are wondering we think it’s cup 3. However, we suspect that the solution is not as simple as that.

We would love to know what you think the answer is! Just leave a comment at the bottom of the page. We will definitely get back to you!

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2 thoughts on “The Brew Cup Challenge

  • I think it’s number 5

    • Thank you for your feedback 🙂

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