Doctor Who Quiz – questions on Doctor Who the Time Lord

Siliconhell Doctor Who Quiz. Questions on everybody’s favourite Time Lord. His trusty companions not forgetting the adorable K9. I think everybody wants their own personal Tardis. Just imagine being able to travel anywhere and at anytime. Where and when would you travel to?

There have been some classic baddies over the years. The Daleks, the Cyber Men and The Master. If you have a favourite please let us know by commenting at the bottom of the page. Should you like Doctor Who questions you will love our Science Fiction Quiz.

Flying Saucer
Flying Saucer

There is no doubt that some of the episodes have been corny. But there is also no doubt that this has to be one of the best ever science-fiction programmes on TV!

Our Doctor Who Quiz will let you know if you are a Doctor Who Guru or not. All you have to do is answer some Doctor Who questions

Doctor Who Quiz

The lovely alien known as The Doctor. Travels through time and space in the TARDIS

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