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The Classic British TV Quiz

The Chase Quiz is one of our all-time most popular quizzes. Another trending quiz is the Wigan Language Test. Can you work out what the heck the Wiganer is saying in their Wigan Dialect?  Popular with those of a certain age is the Coronation Street Quiz – The Early Years. Of course, we also have an EastEnders Quiz and an Emmerdale Farm Quiz.

Life in the 1970s Quiz, The 1980s Quiz, and The 1990s Quiz are always very popular at the weekends. During the weekdays The Music Quizzes seem to be at their peak. Especially the Number One Hits 1990s Quiz, The 1980s Pop Quiz, and the 1960s Classic Rock Quiz

The Really Easy Quiz

Our personal favourites are the 80s Top of the Pops Quiz and the Classic Horror Movie Quiz.

So what are you waiting for? Just choose a category, or, scroll down the list and see what takes your fancy

1960s Music the Beatles

Missing Lyrics Quiz 1960s

Welcome to the Siliconhell Missing Lyrics Quiz 1960s. The sixties music scene quite literally gave the world a shake rattle ...
The Thank You Quiz merci grazie gracias

The Thank You Quiz

The Thank You Quiz with 12 questions. Could you say "Thank You" in Spain or France? Well, you will love ...
The Stupid Test

“The Stupid Test: A Fun Quiz to Test Your Intelligence and Common Sense”

The Stupid Test -  No matter the outcome please remember that it is the 12 questions that are daft and ...
Music Trivia Quiz 15 Questions

Music Trivia Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Classic Pop to Present-Day Megastars

Music Trivia Quiz. From classic pop to present-day musical megastars. Find out now if you're a Music Guru, all you ...
1970 Movie Quiz One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

Take the Ultimate 1970s Movie Quiz: Jaws, The Exorcist, The Godfather, and More

1970s Movie Quiz 2 ÷ Twelve Fun questions on classic films.  Featuring classics such as Jaws, The Exorcist, and The ...
1990s Movie Quiz Part 2

Test Your Knowledge with The Ultimate 90s Movie Quiz

Are you a 90s Movie Quiz Expert? The nineties were the decade of The Matrix, Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank ...
Genius Quiz 2 Difficult Quiz Questions

Genius Quiz 2 – 10 Difficult Questions

Genius Quiz 2 Ten Questions Designed to test your IQ and your memory recall. These questions are difficult! The original ...
CB Radio Slang Quiz

CB Radio Quiz – Citizens Band Language Test

CB Radio Quiz - Can you work out what these phrases mean? Roger, Good Buddy What Your 20? Back in ...
Spreadsheet quiz

Chocolate Quiz Spreadsheet how many can you recognise?

Welcome to the chocolate quiz spreadsheet how many can you identify from their wrappers? I must admit I absolutely love ...
Driving Test Quiz Questions

Driving Test Quiz – if you had to retake it, would you pass?

I've created a fun driving test quiz, Why You May Ask? Well, it's been a while since I passed my ...

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