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Try a Fun Quiz, specifically designed to make you smile. Remember The Young Ones? See how much you remember about the best comedy of the 80s. Then find out if you are like Rick or like Vivian in the Young Ones Personality Test . Or perhaps you’d like to try the Father Ted Quiz Go on, go on, go on

The 80s TV and Movies Comedy Quiz is becoming very popular. If the 80s aren’t your thing you can also try the 60s or the 90s Comedy quizzes. My personal favorite is The Blackadder Quiz Closely followed by The Friday Night Dinner Quiz.

Choose a funny quiz from the selection below. Remember to help us by sharing your score with others.

Kids TV Quiz

Kids TV Quiz Questions with Answers

Kids TV Quiz - 12 multiple-choice questions with answers. From Dora the Explorer to Bananas in Pyjamas. There are so ...
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Blackadder Quiz Questions and Answers

Blackadder Quiz – 15 Cunning Questions With Answers

Blackadder Quiz, 15 questions with answers. Are you as cunning as a fox what used to be Professor of Cunning ...
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Which Fruit Are You Personality Test

Which fruit are you? Personality Test

Have you ever been so bored that you wondered "Which Fruit Are You"? Well, now you can find out in ...
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CB Radio Slang Quiz

CB Radio Quiz – Citizens Band Language Test

CB Radio Quiz - Can you work out what these phrases mean? Roger, Good Buddy What Your 20? Back in ...
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Driving Test Quiz Questions

Driving Test Quiz – if you had to retake it, would you pass?

I've created a  fun driving test quiz, Why You May Ask? Well, it's been a while since I passed my ...
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The Famous Dave Quiz

The Famous Dave Quiz

The brand new Famous Dave Quiz. 15 Fun questions all about famous people called Dave, David etc. It also has ...
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FP Classic Cartoon Spreadsheet Quiz by

Classic Cartoon Quiz – Spreadsheet

Classic cartoon quiz back by popular demand. How many cartoon characters can you recognise in this fun-packed spreadsheet quiz? Many ...
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Cockney Language Quiz Man

Cockney Language Quiz

Cockney Language Quiz Can you work out what the nice Londoner is going on about? Hopefully, you've already tried our ...
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