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Try a Fun Quiz, specifically designed to make you smile. Remember The Young Ones? See how much you remember about the best comedy of the 80s. Then find out if you are like Rick or like Vivian in the Young Ones Personality Test . Or perhaps you’d like to try the Father Ted Quiz Go on, go on, go on

The 80s TV and Movies Comedy Quiz is becoming very popular. If the 80s isn’t your thing you can also try the 60s or the 90s Comedy quizzes. My personal favourite is the Which Cartoon Villain Are You?

CB Radio Slang Quiz

CB Radio Quiz – Citizens Band Language Test

CB Radio Quiz - Can you work out what these phrases mean? Roger, Good Buddy What Your 20? Back in ...
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Driving Test Quiz Questions

Driving Test Quiz – if you had to retake it, would you pass?

I've created a  fun driving test quiz, Why You May Ask? Well, it's been a while since I passed my ...
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Spreadsheet quiz

Chocolate Quiz Spreadsheet how many can you recognise?

Welcome to the chocolate quiz spreadsheet how many can you identify from their wrappers? I must admit I absolutely love ...
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The Famous Dave Quiz

The Famous Dave Quiz

The brand new Famous Dave Quiz. 15 Fun questions all about famous people called Dave, David etc. It also has ...
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FP Classic Cartoon Spreadsheet Quiz by

Classic Cartoon Quiz – Spreadsheet

Classic cartoon quiz back by popular demand. How many cartoon characters can you recognise in this fun packed spreadsheet quiz? ...
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Cockney Language Quiz Man

Cockney Language Quiz

Cockney Language Quiz Can you work out what the nice Londoner is going on about? Hopefully, you've already tried our ...
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SH All about Wigan quiz

A Quiz All about Wigan

Caution: Contains References to Pies! I've lived in Wigan so long that I've gone native. I don't know everything about Wigan, ...
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1970s TV Comedy Quiz Fawlty Towers

70s Comedy Quiz – The Best of the Funny Stuff

70s Comedy Quiz featuring British TV shows such as Fawlty Towers, Porridge and Rising Damp. Rigsby still makes me laugh ...
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1980s TV Comedy Quiz The Black Adder

80s Comedy Quiz – The Best of the Eighties Funny Stuff

The 80s comedy quiz featuring the best of 80s comedy TV and funny movies. Spinal Tap at the time was ...
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90s Comedy Movie Quiz dumb and dumber

90s Comedy Quiz

90s Comedy Quiz questions on the funny films and TV series from the nineties. Dumb and Dumber was a really ...
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1960s TV Comedy Quiz The Plank

1960s TV Comedy Quiz – The Best of the Funny Stuff

1960s TV Comedy Quiz Do you know what St Trinian's was? What was different about the movie The Plank. It ...
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FP Which Is Faster Quiz nature edition

Quiz – Which Is Faster? Nature Edition

Which is faster quiz the nature edition. We give you a few animals and you tell us which is the ...
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Woolyback Test Sheep

Scouser or Woolyback Test

Scouser or Woolyback Test - Answer a few questions and find out if you are a Scouser or a Woolyback ...
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Cartoon Villain Are You

Personality Test – Which cartoon villain are you?

Which Cartoon Villain Are You? Answer 10 questions in our fun personality test. Find out if you are Skeletor, The ...
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FP Cartoon Quiz 2

Cartoon Dog Quiz

Welcome to the Cartoon Dog Quiz. We love Canines and we love cartoons. So it made complete sense to create ...
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Yorkshire Language Quiz Questions and Answers

Yorkshire Language Quiz – Eee By Gum its champion

Welcome to the Yorkshire Language Quiz. The Yorkshire dialect is an English dialect of Northern England. Of course, it is ...
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FP beatles

Quiz – Scouse Dialect – What are the Scousers saying?

Some people love the Scouse dialect, some people do not. This quiz is just a bit of fun. Read on ...
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Cat cartoon quiz Garfield

Cartoon Cats Quiz

Welcome to the Cartoon Cats Quiz. We thought it would be Purrfect to write a feline cat quiz. We started ...
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Simple Spelling Word Quiz

Quiz – Simple Spelling – Are you a 1 in 10?

Simple Spelling Quiz you learnt all of these at school. But can you remember how to spell them correctly?  Easy ...
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Wigan language quiz

Quiz – Wigan Dialect – can you work out what the heck they are saying?

The Wigan Dialect is also known as Wiganeez. I've lived in Wigan over 25 years now so you could say ...
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FP North South

Northerner or Southerner Test

Northerner or Southerner Test. 12 Questions resulting in a decision by Siliconhell. All decisions are final and just for fun ...
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FP horror

Personality Test – which horror character are you?

Welcome to the Horror Personality Test! Even the best of people have a bad day. There has been a couple ...
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FP father ted illustration by ed clews

Personality Test – which Father Ted character are you?

Which Father Ted Character are you? Do you behave like a swearing Father Jack or a daft as a brush ...
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Red Dwarf Personality Test Quiz Questions and Answers

Red Dwarf Personality Test – which character are you?

Welcome to the Red Dwarf Personality Test. Personally, I would like to think that I am like Lister. However, I ...
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FP 12 Monkeys

Are you mentally divergent? Quick Free Personality Test

Don't mock me my friend. It's a condition of mental divergence. I find myself on the planet Ogo, part of ...
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beer cans quiz

Beer Can Quiz Download – can you name the beer cans

Beer Can Quiz Download Siliconhell Beer Can Quiz Back by popular demand, we have re-released a selection of our classic ...
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FP The Young Ones

Young Ones Personality Test – Which character are you?

Are you a complete Rick? The utterly brilliant Young Ones Personality Test will tell you. Just answer a few questions ...
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Willy Quiz Questions and Answers

The Willy Quiz – Family Safe Questions – Which Animal Has The Biggest?

Questions that contains no pictures and no swear words. A Willy Quiz that is funny and informative. Did you know ...
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Cat Dog

Cat or Dog Personality Test

Do you think like a Cat or a Dog? Our Personality Test will reveal if you are Canine or Feline. All ...
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Only Fools and Horses Quiz Questions and Answers

Only Fools and Horses Quiz

Only Fools and Horses Quiz. The Trotter family have been a British favourite since 1981. The story centres around Del ...
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FP historic villains quiz

Personality Test – which historic villain would you have been?

Which Historic Villain Would You Have Been? Find out with this free personality test!Maybe you were Genghis Khan, Dick Turpin ...
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