Gambling Advert Rant

Okay, am going to have a gambling advert rant. Every hour of every day there are adverts for online casino, online sports play and even bingo. Every day the news tells us that the British economy is not looking good. People have less money to spend, especially those on a low income.
There has definitely been an increased targeting of gambling adverts at everyday people.


Do to the Covid pandemic more people are skint. Yet the number of gambling adverts has significantly increased. All of the media platforms seem to be showing them. 

I don’t understand why this is allowed to happen. Part of me thinks that these people should know better. However, a great percentage of the time these habits can have a detrimental effect not only on the economy but more importantly the families of normal people. You are not allowed to advertise cigarettes on the television any more as they can ruin your life. What about gambling?

Mind you after thinking about it just what could be done?

Maybe I’ve been naive and never noticed it before. Or, maybe I am getting old and cantankerous…?

Thanks for taking the time to read my Gambling Advert Rant

Help for problem gambling – NHS

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