Conversation Starters Guaranteed to Increase Visitors

Conversation Starters are a set of images designed to help engage your users. They are guaranteed to get people posting more. Whether it be Facebook or Twitter these images entice the users to start posting and join in conversations. These extra posts will attract more people to your group.

The Siliconhell Facebook Group had loads of members but they were not posting much. So, I created awesome images that contain questions. Such as “Can you guess what this is?”, And, “Can you provide an alternate use of for this object?”. They increased Facebook conversations by over 400%

This meant that more people visited Siliconhell. The number of people taking the Siliconhell quizzes increased by 500% I’m sure that you will agree that that is a significant increase in traffic.

So don’t delay take a look through our Conversation Starters. Then download the ones that suit your requirements. All I ask in return is that you do not remove the references to Siliconhell.

Facebook Conversation Starters
Conversation starters for Facebook groups and pages. They are tried and tested and get a good response from users. They are specifically designed to get people talking.
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