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The Famous Dave Quiz

The Famous Dave Quiz –

Try the brand new Famous Dave Quiz. Fun questions all about famous people called Dave, David etc. It also has ...
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Missing Words Quiz

The Missing Words Quiz

This fun quiz will keep you thinking for a while. We give you a number and you have to work ...
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Stranger Things Quiz

Stranger Things Quiz + The upside-down questions

Brand new Stranger Things Quiz The excellent TV series with the scary Upside Down. The show focuses on a small ...
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The Moon

Can you fall off the Moon?

Can you fall off the Moon? I heard that the Chinese are landing at the South Pole of the moon ...
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Don’t believe your eyes they lie to your brain

Don't believe your eyes they lie to your brain. The saying Seeing is believing isn't true. Like many other sayings ...
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Doctor Who Quiz FP

Doctor Who Quiz – questions on Doctor Who the Time Lord

Siliconhell Doctor Who Quiz. Questions on everybody's favourite Time Lord. His trusty companions not forgetting the adorable K9. I think ...
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Infinity minus one silicon hell

What is infinity minus one?

We all know that infinite means big. Really Big. But just how big before it becomes infinite? And how small ...
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Mongolian heavy metal band play Mongol rock 

Mongolian heavy metal by the who. Actually, its The HU performing Yuve Yuve Y. I first heard this a couple ...
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Blue Planet Quiz

Blue Planet Quiz – fun quiz about planet Earth, animals and its habitat

Blue Planet Quiz to test your knowledge of planet Earth, its oceans and its wildlife. David Attenborough was the inspiration ...
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Science fiction Quiz Siliconhell FP

Sci-Fi Quiz – Are you a science fiction Guru

A Sci-Fi quiz with some of my favourite sci-fi movies and sci-fi TV series. I have always been a big ...
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