Marvel Superhero Quiz

Marvel Superhero Quiz based on the 21 Marvel Universe Movies created up to spring 2019. Just about everybody loves superhero films. Our particular favourite is Iron Man, we just love the not so subtle sarcasm in the humour.

My friends are massive fans of Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy. I have to admit that the humour and music in Guardians of the Galaxy definitely deserves 10 out of 10!

It’s amazing to think that the 21 films had a budget of $4 billion. They managed to make $18.5 billion at the box office. That is a profit of $14 billion! That alone would be enough to buy you quite a few Ironman suits. Can you imagine turning up at work in one of those?

So how many superhero related questions can you get right? Are you a Zero or a Marvel Superhero Quiz Guru? What you waiting for, strap on your cape and start the quiz below.

Marvel Superheroes Movie Quiz

A fun quiz based on the Super Heroes featured in The Marvel Universe Films

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  • Great Marvel quiz I scored 9


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