Maxs’ Mindfulness Overview

My name is Max, and I’m into using Mindfulness to help calm the stress of modern day life.

I’m sure that you will have heard the term Mindfulness in the last few months as it has become a very popular technique for meditating.

I have been using mindfulness now for over 6 years. I went on a course that lasted 52 weeks to get a good base to start from, and the rest takes lots of practice. There are many apps and books to help learn the techniques (such as Calm, Head Space), but I am hoping to teach you some tips and techniques here.

Mindfulness is all about being present in the moment. A lot of the time our minds are busy thinking about the past, planning for the future, to-do lists and many other things. The last thing we are thinking about is the only thing we actually have, the present.

Mindfulness is different from other meditation techniques as it does not use a mantra. You focus on the breath as your anchor instead of repeating a mantra or other focus aid.

The idea is to quieten the mind from all thoughts, not to think about anything, but to focus on the breath. When thoughts or feelings come into your head, acknowledge that they are there, how they feel, and, then let them float away as if on a cloud.

CI - Clouds

During meditation practice, you can learn how different thoughts and emotions feel inside your body. This can then help in daily life when for example you feel stress, you can recognise this and help alleviate your emotion. The goal of mindfulness practice is to learn how to recognise things without getting emotionally involved, so eventually, you can use these tools all day in everyday life to help reduce stress and increase a calm feeling of wellbeing into your life.

To live mindfully is to awaken the mind, body and senses to the world around you.

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