Meditation – Favourite Object

Mindful Meditation – with your favourite object

This is a meditation where you can use your favourite object. If you can, hold it, look at it, or imagine it in your head. To hold it is the best if possible.

The aim of the meditation is to really look and see your object, as if you were looking at it for the very first time, and you are inquisitive about it. Think about a child looking at it and their questioning mind. What is it for, what does it do, what does it feel like etc.

You will need : A timer of some sort, your object


Find a quiet place somewhere, where you will not be disturbed.

Set your timer for 5 minutes. You can increase the time as you become more used to meditating. 


Start by sitting in a comfortable position, with a tall, straight back.

Take a few deep breaths to calm and focus the mind.

Allow the breath to return to a normal rhythm.

Take your object in your hand, or in your mind.

Take a minute to look at the object. Turn it around and see it from all sides. Look at the colour, the lines, the cut and shape. 

Think about how it feels. Is it warm, cold? Is it smooth or textured? Is it pleasing on the eye – why? 

What does it smell of?

Does it make any sounds? How does it make a sound, does it look different when it makes a sound?

If your mind wanders, do not worry, this is normal. Without chastising your self, gently bring your focus back to your object again.

As the timer sounds, bring yourself back to the room and open your eyes. 


I love hearing how you find my meditations, please leave comments below on your experiences.