Meet The Siliconhell MadCats


As you have probably guessed, we here at Siliconhell HQ are definitely a cat household. We currently have 4 furry Over Lords managing over the human residents. This page is about getting to know them and their 4 very different personalities.



Ozzy is the oldest of the 4, but that does not mean that he’s the boss! He’s 9 1/2 years old and loves sleeping, sunbathing and eating! He arrived at our house as a kitten that had been left in a box in a local park. A neighbour picked him up and brought him to our house, and that is where he stayed. He is a big cat, but he’s a scaredy cat and will jump at his own shadow. He likes a quiet life, and tends to spend much of his time in this bed on the cat tree, watching life go by.


Tigger is 9 years old and has had a very adventurous life so far! I first met Gary (as he was known then) when I went to my vet for something. On the counter was a tiny kitten with very runny eyes and a loud sneeze. He had been left outside the vets one night in winter with a bad case of cat ‘flu. He was treated in the vets for 6 months before they looked for a home for him. After much persuasion from myself and the vet nurses my husband allowed him to come home with us, and then we were a 2 cat household! He was the size of a 3 month kitten and still quite ill, we nursed him up to be a happy cat. He loves going for rides in peoples cars and has gone missing a few times… but that is another story! He loves eating, sunbathing, sleeping and eating! He is currently suffering from congestive heart failure, and we are trying to make his last months as happy and cuddle filled as possible.



Pepe is 2 years old and he is most definitely the Boss Cat! He met me at the vets as a little kitten with his siblings. I was allowed 10 minutes in a room with the litter to pick a new house mate. Within seconds Pepe had drank the vets drink and then wriggles up his jacket that was on the desk and popped his head out of the sleeve. The others sat there in a huddle. Pepe was definitely the cheeky kitten we were looking to fit in to the house! As he grew he became a bit of a bully to the other cats and therefore became the Boss. He is starting to be nicer to the others, but still swipes an unexpected paw as they pass from time to time!



B.B has just turned 2. He is an outside cat and spends the majority of his time in the orchard behind our house. He comes home to sleep and eat, so here he is in is favourite place! You may wonder about his name, the night he came we were listening to music and mainly played blues music. As we mainly listened to one of our favourite artists, B.B. King, that is how he got his name! He is a very cuddly cat when he wants, but, of course, only on his terms!





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