Other Mindful Things To Try

There are many ways to be mindful in every day life. Here are some things that you can try out:


Mindful Walking – next time you walk somewhere, instead of losing your self in thoughts try to be mindful instead. Look around as you are walking. Listen to the sounds, see the trees – leaves, cars or whatever is there. Smell the air and really be in the place you are.


Mindful Eating – Next time you eat a meal, try to not watch TV or talk to your family but be mindful. Really concentrate on the smells from your plate, the look and texture of the food, the taste. I bet you notice more about your meal than you usually do.


Cuddle Your Pet – If you have a pet give them your undivided attention for 5 minutes. Stroke them, how does it feel, smell them, feel their warmth. Both you and pet will benefit from this bonding session and whilst you are petting them you are in the moment and being mindful.


Shower – When you have a shower in the morning, don’t think about your plans for the day but concentrate on the sound of the water and the feel of it hitting you. Be mindful about the temperature, the feel and the sounds and you will be refreshed after. 


These are just a few things to try that do help to be in the moment.