Mobile Phone Geek Test – prove your knowledge and beat your friends

Take The Mobile Phone Geek Test If you love your phone you should Ace this quiz. It doesn’t matter if you have a Samsung Galaxy or an Apple iPod. You should be able to get at least 6 correct.

Just about everybody has a mobile these days, apart from me! The reason being that I am quadriplegic, and therefore cannot use one. I would therefore not pass the mobile phone geek test. This makes me notice things that other people do not.
For instance, next time you spot somebody pick up their phone and put it down ask them “what did you just look at?”. The majority of people will say “I don’t know”.

It’s as if the mobile has become integral to our daily lives. They used to be just in case of an emergency. However, these days they are more like an extension of our persona. This can be proved by looking at somebody’s phone. They personalise it with charms, fancy wallpapers and ringtones. I’d be interested to know what your home screen looks like! Feel free to let me know by using the comment box below.

Okay, it’s now time to find out if you are a geek or not. You can begin the mobile phone quiz by clicking start below.

Are you really a Mobile Phone Geek? Take this test now and prove your knowledge

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