News 100 Facebook Likes Achieved – Thank You!

We have just passed the milestone of 100 Facebook likes!

We want to thank those people who have taken the time to click the LIKE button on

We do not make any money from the site. Actually, it is quite the opposite. We use our own money to pay for the hosting and the software et cetera.

What keeps us going is your positive feedback. Don’t forget you are more than welcome to suggest quiz or article topics. We are also willing to accept your articles to publish. Of course this depends on the content and suitability and so on.
You can contact us via Facebook or the contact page on

Whilst you are on Siliconhell please take the time to notice the adverts. They help bring in a few pennies per week. To quote that annoying man on the TV “Every Little Helps”.

I keep using the term “We” which is actually me and my Missus.
So I would also like to thank my Lovely Wife! She has to put up with me constantly asking “please will you test this quiz”.

Many Thanks


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