Poll – Should vegetarians eat lab grown meat?

Would you eat lab grown meat?

Scientists have successfully grown meat in a laboratory. It’s known as “Clean Meat” and it’s attracting a lot of attention. It promises to end the cruel and unethical treatment of animals raised for their meat. I’m sure this will a great relief to vegetarians and vegans.

The meat is made by firstly taking a muscle sample from an animal. The stem cells are then collected and significantly multiplied. This allows them to differentiate into primitive fibres that bulk up and form muscle tissue.

Several companies are promising to deliver this technology within the next few years. No doubt, there will be several challenges in getting public support.

In 2013 journalists tasted a burger costing more than press the £230,000 to produce. They reported it was overly dry as it did not have enough fat content. This year scientists created a similar amount for around £460. It won’t be long until the price reduces to similar prices to real meat. Hopefully by then they will have improved the taste and texture as well.

So what do you think?

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