Sci-Fi Quiz – Are you a science fiction Guru

A Sci-Fi quiz with some of my favourite sci-fi movies and sci-fi TV series. I have always been a big fan of anything to do with science.

Star Wars is still considered to be one of the biggest sci-fi movies. Personally, I also enjoy B-Movies such as They Live. If you haven’t seen it I recommend you give it a watch. It’s not a big-budget film, but it is quite clever and funny. The Hidden is another classic that should be added to your list of films to watch.

Flying Saucer
Flying Saucer

Alien has to be one of the scariest sci-fi movies. Guardians of the Galaxy has to be one of the funniest science-fiction films. The oldest sci-fi movie that I have seen is Metropolis. When you consider how old the film is its absolute masterpiece.

So your mission is to answer the questions below. Find out if you are a Sci-Fi Quiz Guru

Sci-Fi Quiz

Questions to test your sci-fi knowledge. From Andromeda to Zachariah Smith.


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