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 Ever wondered what happens in your garden when you’re not looking? We purchased this excellent wildlife camera to see what was going on. We were amazed by the video we captured. We had no idea that our garden was visited by squirrels and even a fox. We also captured our youngest cat trying to catch a magpie.


Top RatedSiliconhell Top Rated Product

Incredibly somebody stole a Buddha statue from our front garden. I decided to buy Wi-Fi enabled security Camera for the front of our house. I am amazed by the quality of the footage it has captured. It even comes with its own SD card so you do not need to purchase a network video recorder.

It was easy to configure and was up and running in less than 15 minutes. You can even use your mobile phone to view live video or to check what has been recorded.




Netflix recommended TV 2016 and TRILUMINOS display for Lifelike colour, authentic images that evoke the emotion in every scene with 4K high dynamic range. 
 It is an also Android TV: All the personalisation, intelligence and entertainment of your smartphone on the big screen.
Dynamic Contrast Enhancer helps to create a vibrant picture with a wider range of peaks and darks

I have to say that this TV has surpassed all of my expectation. You can install Kodi, play PlayStation games and play just about any media.

I even use it to check my Wi-Fi security cameras. This means I can see the pizza delivery guy pull up outside my house instead of getting up and down when a car arrives.

I am amazed by the Ultra High Definition picture. Netflix has never looked so good!





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