Stranger Things Quiz + The upside-down questions

Brand new Stranger Things Quiz The excellent TV series with the scary Upside Down. The show focuses on a small town in Indiana USA. Set during the eighties a young boy goes missing. Around the same time a young girl with mysterious powers appears on the scene.

The Young girl and the missing boys friends team up together. They set out to find their missing friend. They stumble across the scary world of The Upside Down. After watching these scenes we were hooked on the series. So we decided to create The Siliconhell Stranger Things Quiz. If you love the eighties culture you should take a look at our other eighties quizzes here.

The Upside Down related questions covers Stranger Things Seasons 1 ,2 and 3. So how much do you know about Eleven and the weird goings-on at the laboratory? Just answer a few questions to find out if you are a Stranger Things Quiz Guru . Make sure you share your result with your friends.

Stranger Things Quiz

Find out if you are Stranger Things Quiz Guru. 15 questions on the best TV show that Netflix has ever shown. 

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