Tech that we no longer use, Spill the beans!


Tech that we no longer use, Spill the beans! 

Most of us now have a phone that includes a camera. My mobile is a Samsung Galaxy S3 okay is a little old but it does just what I require require requi need. It has definitely made some tech in my house redundant. For example we have a nice Canon digital SLR and a smart Canon digital point and shoot point-and-shoot. Neither of which we use any more!

My good lady has one of the later Samsung Galaxy phones, and since owning it has stopped using her Android tablet.

I did consider selling it to one of these online companies. However I was horrified when I found out how much they would pay me in return. So it just sits in the cupboard gathering dust and depreciating even further.

It just made me wonder what redundant tech other people may have?

So spill the beans what technology is just sat in your cupboard?


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