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FP Mindful3

Mindfulness Overview 2 What Skills

Some of the core aspects of Mindfulness are called "What" and "How" skills. The What skills explain what you should ...
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FP Mindfulness

Maxs’ Mindfulness Overview

My name is Max, and I'm into using Mindfulness to help calm the stress of modern day life. I'm sure ...
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Why is the sky blue?

Why is the sky blue? Quite often I can't sleep at night. In the early hours of the morning ridiculous ...
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FP Siliconhell Dark Sucker Theory

Dark Sucker Theory

SiliconHell Validates Dark Sucker Theory Never heard of a Dark Sucker? Well, for years it has been believed that electric ...
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dreaming cats by apm pixel d3liq5y

Do cats dream?

Do Cats Dream? Cats can spend up to 23 hours a day snoozing, catnapping, catching forty winks or otherwise dead ...
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