Thought Provoking Articles

We wrote a selection of thought provoking articles we would like to share.

Do cats have belly buttons

Do cats have bellybuttons?

One particular night I couldn't sleep and a thought popped into my head "Do cats have belly buttons?". It was ...
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FP Cat Yawn

Our new cat website!

Our new website is now online. We made the decision to move our feline related information over to its ...
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FP The Brew Cup Challenge

The Brew Cup Challenge

We love a good brew at Siliconhell. So we thought we would publish The Brew Cup Challenge. The concept is ...
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FP dilemma good

Has technology made the world better or worse?

Has technology made the world better or worse? It seems at first to be a simple question. However,  it isn't so ...
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Funny Chimpanzee

4 Kindles ordered from Amazon

I used my Amazon Alexa to order 4 Kindles from Amazon last week. I have just received a Two Ronnies ...
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