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Useful Sayings that I live my life by

I've come across many useful sayings and loads of philosophy over the years. Some of them I have really taken ...
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FP Laughing Buddha

Somebody stolen Buddha – That Is Really Bad Karma!

Somebody Stole Buddha I am a fan of Buddha's teachings. I find his quotes very inspiring yet very relaxing. So ...
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FP Frustration

Maximum Frustration – important please share this

PLEASE Share this if you know someone, or have heard of someone who knows someone, or heard of someone's friend ...
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FP Mindful2

Other Mindful Things To Try

There are many ways to be mindful in every day life. Here are some things that you can try out: ...
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Do you believe in fate? Then why do you….

Do you believe in fate? Then why do you…. I've always been puzzled by the people who do believe in ...
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