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We wrote a selection of thought provoking articles we would like to share.

FP thinking girl

English Language Quirks

English Language Quirks Everybody knows that the English Language has some strange quirks, some of these are listed below. it ...
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Test Your Brain – Try it for yourself

Test your brain is a challenge devised by Mensa, which will give you some gauge of your mental flexibility and ...
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Paralysed Gadget Addict – My Story

Paralysed Gadget Addict - My Story: I used to work in IT until my health took a turn for the ...
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Siliconhell Cat Carrier

The Siliconhell Cat Carrier uses the latest materials and production techniques. It was designed by idiots just for a laugh ...
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Mindfulness Overview 2 HOW Skills

Mindfulness Overview some of the core aspects called "What" and "How" skills. The What skills explain what you should try ...
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