UK Number 1 Hit Records Quiz 2000 to 2009

UK Number 1 Hit Singles Quiz 2000 – 2009. Who had the 1st number 1, what was the title of Afromans record?

During the 2000s 275 singles hit the UK number 1 slot. Amazingly Westlife had 11 number 1 hit singles. During this decade the charts also changed from just purchased records to include Internet downloads. In 2008 there was a 33 percent increase in record sales (Including physical and digital sales). I am sure that was a big relief to not only the artists but to everyone working in the music industry. This was a positive indication that the music industry had finally caught up with the Internet community.

So how many of these UK Number 1 Hit Singles Quiz 2000 – 2009 can you identify? Take the quiz below and find out if you are a Musical Guru

UK Number 1 Hit Singles 2000 – 2009

Do you know who was at number 1 at the beginning of January 2000? Start the quiz and find out if you are a music Guru

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