Whose instruments would you destroy?

Whose instruments would you destroy, and, how would you do it? These are the type of thoughts that keep me awake at night. Maybe I should cut down my sugar intake at bedtime?

So to answer my own question from the current music scene: I would take Lewis Capaldi’s guitar and throw it into one of those wood chippers that the tree surgeons use. I can’t explain why but I just do not like his music at all.

I would also like to destroy all of the instruments belonging to Whitesnake and Def Leopard. My method would be quite satisfying. I would put them into an industrial-sized microwave. Turn it on for 20 minutes and just watch the sparks fly. As the final act, I would gather up all the Ashes and cast them into The Eternal Fires of Siliconhell.

If you need any inspiration check out the clip below

So my question to you is “Whose instruments would you destroy, and, how would you do it?“.

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One thought on “Whose instruments would you destroy?

  • I would destroy X Factors instruments


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