Wildlife in Your Garden – there is more than you think!

Wildlife can be right under your nose and you don’t even see it. All you need to do is spend a little more time looking for nature and less time watching the television. I know this isn’t as easy as it sounds but it can be very rewarding. I live in Wigan in a busy suburban area, I incorrectly assumed that there wasn’t much wildlife in my own garden.

[quads id=7] A good way to start is listen to music on low volume get a brew and look out the window for an hour.

Yes, yes it takes patience. If you haven’t got the patience then you may want to invest in a wildlife camera. You can set them to record whenever they detect any movement. We set ours up in our back garden pointing at the house. We left it out there for a week and then sifted through the events it had captured.


[quads id=7] The footage we captured has been amazing and at times very funny. The clip above is our youngest cat BB nearly catching an early dinner. I am more than made up and I’m glad we purchased the camera. In case you are wondering the camera was from Amazon and its the one displayed in the adverts on this page. If you buy one I don’t think you will be disappointed.

The next clip is a Jay which I have only ever seen three times in my life. I can’t believe that we managed to capture one on camera.


The next clip is a Grey Squirrel. It seemed to be gathering bedding for its new abode. Sadly we do not have any red squirrels in Wigan. Well not that I am aware of anyway 🙂


The last clip is a fox which I was really surprised to see in a Wigan suburban back garden. I have never seen one of these in the flesh hopefully one day I will have the pleasure of doing so.

I have to say big well done to MadCat for capturing the images and sorting out through all of the recordings 🙂

What did I use?

[quads id=7] I highly recommend purchasing one of these cameras. With a little patience you may be amazed by what happens in your garden.
You may be lucky enough to catch a mammal or it may just be the lad from next door retrieving his football. Either way the anticipation of reviewing the results gets quite addictive.

Some of you may be wondering why do I have a picture of a weasel at the top of the page. The Leeds Liverpool canal is about 20 minutes walk from my house. One day I decided to go for a walk along the towpath.
Feeling a little tired I decided to sit down and just chill out for a few moments. Out of the foliage appeared what I think was a stoat. It was only a couple of feet away from me. With bated breath I tried not to move as it looked like it was about to bolt.
It slowly walked across the towpath and swam to the other side of the canal. I think the whole incident only took about 20 seconds. However, it seemed like an hour!
I just feel so lucky to have seen one of these beautiful creatures.

Please let us know what you have managed to see in your garden!