Would you do this for £50,000?

Would you do this for £50,000? A friend owns two championship-winning French Bulldogs. They recently had a litter of 10 puppies. To be honest, I was surprised that a small dog could have so many puppies.

Thankfully, all ten had survived and appear to be fine examples of the breed. At the appropriate age, the puppies are advertised for sale at £5000 each. Even with the considerable price tag, the puppies are responsibly sold to new homes.

Somebody even paid for one of the dogs to be transported from Manchester to London. This was done by a doggy sitter boarding a plane with the dog at Manchester airport. They were met at London airport by the new owners. Of course, the new owners paid for the doggy sitters service, and, the return airfare et cetera.

The majority of the money was paid in cash. When my friend took the cash to the bank quite a few questions were asked. For example “where did this money come from?”. I guess it was an attempt to ensure it wasn’t gained through evil means. When Pauline explained where the money had come from the bank teller asked if there was any more for sale. I didn’t realise how popular the French bulldog actually was.

I joked to my friend that it was easy money. Pauline, agreed but then said “it does come with a catch”. What she told me next was totally unexpected! Apparently, due to the shape and size of the breed. The male has problems during the mating process. It is unable to get itself in the right position to successfully mount the female

This means that the semen has to be taken from the male. Then stored until the female is in season. It is then artificially delivered into the female hopefully creating a new life. Now I quite often overanalyse situations. But I did start to wonder how is the sperm extracted? Does it involve a rampant rabbit, a warm bath and romantic music?

Personally, I don’t think I could do that! I know it’s a lot of money but I just couldn’t bring myself to become that familiar with another Species!
I didn’t dare ask “Where do you store the stuff?” Surely, it doesn’t go in the freezer next to my fish fingers?

Would you do this for £50,000? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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