What is Siliconhell about?

Quizzes, Cats and thought-provoking questions.

 Who is Siliconhell?

Each of our team has been an IT professional for many years. Cats are a great way of relaxing after a stressful day. However, as every cat owner knows they are not very relaxing when they jump on your keyboard!

A couple of our team have physical disabilities or mental health issues. We need to They have embraced technology allowing them to communicate with others beyond the confines of their conditions. By sharing that knowledge we can enable others to do similar.

Our aim is to reach out to others with similar interests. Hopefully, have a few giggles along the way.

If you would like to contribute let us know by using our Contact Page.

Where did the website name come from?

“Silicon Hell” is referred to several times in the British TV series Red Dwarf.

In the episode “Gunmen of the Apocalypse” (1993), the simulant captain’s (Denis Lill) last words are, “See you in Silicon Hell!” as his ship is destroyed around him.

In “Rimmerworld” (1993) when preparing to board the wreckage of the aforementioned simulant ship for supplies, Lister says, “Lets hope the crew are rotting in Silicon Hell along with all the photocopiers.”

In “Out of Time” (1993), when the crew believes that Lister is a mechanoid because of an unreality pocket, Kryten pushes Lister to work with the threat of wallowing in “the eternal fires of Silicon Hell.”

In “Krysis”, Kryten mentions that appliances which are pledged to the “wrong manufacturer” aren’t allowed into Silicon Heaven, and believes that it’s “so unfair that all the BlackBerries burn in Silicon Hell”.,

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