Red Dwarf Quiz – The Smeghead Test

Red Dwarf hits our screens in the late 1980s. It is the second longest-running UK TV sci-fi series. Only beaten by Doctor Who. We have created our very own Red Dwarf quiz. It goes well with our Science Fiction Quiz if that is your thing.

To be honest we have recently made our Red Dwarf Quiz a little more difficult. We did this to pacify the many Rimmers that said it was too easy. You can also take the Personality Test – and find out which Red Dwarf character you are.

So how many of the 20 questions on Lister, Rimmer, Kryten and the Cat can you correctly answer? If you enjoy the quiz please share it with others.

Red Dwarf Quiz

Better dead than Smeg!

Take The Red Dwarf Personality Test

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9 thoughts on “Red Dwarf Quiz – The Smeghead Test

  • There was one I forgot but I’ve watched the dwarfs since it began its smegging fantastic.

  • You can’t spell Skutter!

    • Stephen you are quite correct! My spelling is awful feel free to let me know how it should be spelt.


  • Loved the quiz and I scored 9

    • Got me with the proper Space Corps Directive number! They had several on the show starting in Season 6, I believe. That and the lovely original Kochanski. I didn’t know she was on Top of the Pops. Good little quiz!

      • Frank, thank you for the positive feedback it means a lot. Yes I was a big fan of the original Kochanski. Have a look for the band “Altered Images”.


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