Scary Animal Facts Which May Freak You Out


Here are some scary animal facts that may freak you out. They are all completely true!

I have always loved and been fascinated by nature. We often forget that there aren’t just cute things out there. Life has also created some pretty dam scary creatures too. Here are 15 prime examples of scary lifeforms:

  1. Rats can climb up your drainpipe and out of your toilet
  2. There are lizards that squirt blood out of their eyes
  3. Ladybirds will eat their own young when food is short
  4. Cows kill more people every year than sharks
  5. A female Black Widow spider will eat her partner during mating
  6. Vampire bats actually do exist. They will quite happily sneak up on you and drink your blood.
  7. Koalas are often riddled with chlamydia. They also urinate, defecate and reproduce through the same orifice.
  8. Pigs will eat just about anything. They have no qualms about eating human flesh and faeces
  9. Crocodiles can climb trees. Yes, I kid you not they really can!
  10. Armadillos look very cute but they can carry leprosy
  11. Rabbits regularly eat their own poo. They need to do this to extract the nutrients they missed the first time
  12. Tigers use the noise of storms to sneak up on their prey. So next time it thunders lock your front door
  13. Hippos kill more people in Africa than lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants and rhinos combined
  14. Proboscis Monkeys scare away predators by waving their penis at them. We strongly advise you not to try this whilst out shopping.
  15. Zombie Ant Fungus – There is a fungus that infiltrates ants. It literally turns them into zombies. Once infected they climb as high as possible. They then bite into a leaf or similar to use as an anchor point. At which point they explode spreading the fungus all around them. Thus the parasitic fungus spreads itself onto other unsuspecting victims.

So next time someone mentions natures beauty you can tell them all about the dark side.

I hope my scary animal facts doesn’t keep you awake at night. If you enjoyed this, Please Share it with others.


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