European Capital Cities Quiz


The European Capital Cities Quiz. Questions and answers about capital cities in Europe. Were you able to pay attention at school? Geography was certainly not one of my favourite subjects. I used to find it quite boring. To make it a bit more interesting, here are a few fantastic facts about Europe:

Euro City Facts

There are 50 countries in Europe with more than 742 million people! The largest city in Europe is Moscow. It has an unbelievable 12 million inhabitants. However, Moscow is only the 11th largest city in the world.

The smallest country in the world by population is Vatican City. Would you be surprised to hear that Greenland is the most oversized island in the world? Because technically, Australia is a continent.

So sit up straight, concentrate and do your best on the European Capital Cities Quiz.

European Capital Cities Quiz

12 questions how many capital cities do you know?

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I hope you enjoyed The European Capital Cities Quiz