Bottom Quiz – Richie and Eddie from the anarchic cult comedy


Updated to 15 Wazzo Questions – I thought I would create a Bottom Quiz because it’s utterly brilliant! After all these years Bottom is still one of my favourite TV comedies. It’s a fantastic follow-up to The Young Ones. Richie Rich and Edward Hitler are the main characters. Other characters include Dave Hedgehog, Spudgun and of course The Gas Man. It is definitely what I would define as a classic British TV comedy. 

I have been a fan of Rik Mayall since the 1980s. I was fortunate enough to see him do a stand-up gig at the Preston Guild Hall around 1984. He was supported by a pretty much unknown Ben Elton. Needless to say, Rik was absolutely hilarious. My favourite persona of his was Kevin Turvey. Kevin was a private investigator. It’s well worth a search on your favourite search engine. I guarantee he will have you in stitches!
Anyway, I digress. Let’s get back to the smashing Bottom Quiz.


Sprouts Mexicane? Well, it’s a — sprouts, pinch of chili powder, jar of curry powder, hint of tabasco sauce; well, three bottles, actually. Not so much a hint, more a party political broadcast. And the secret ingredient: gun powder.



Eddie and Richie are both oversexed flatmates in Hammersmith London. Doing what they need to do to survive boredom and being single. The more observant of you will have spotted Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf fame. He plays the part of the guy with the false leg. It’s one of my favourite scenes in the series. Feel free to tell us your favourite moment from Bottom btby commenting below.

So, don’t be a big girls blouse start the Bottom Quiz Now!

Bottom Quiz – 15 questions on an utterly brilliant comedy

What can you remember about Richie Rich and Edward Hitler?

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