“Bottom Personality Test: Are You Richie Rich or Edward Hitler?”


Bottom Personality Test – Which Character Are You Richie Rich or Edward Hitler? To find out just answer a few smashing questions. Fans of Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmondson will love these questions. They make references to anarchic comedy classics such as Mr Jolly Lives Door and Bad News On Tour.

Oh, thank heavens for that. Well, what can I tell you, Eddie, it’s an absolute disaster. I just can’t get the hang of this cooking lark. I mean, you put the sausage in the pan, you set it on fire, and what happens? It gets incinerated


The wannabe Aristocrat Richie boldly proclaimed “We are men of science!” and so are we at Siliconhell. Therefore the results take into account your answers and three other important scientific factors. The current distance to Mars (God of war and anarchy), Venus (Goddess of love) and of course the distance to the nearest drinking establishment.

I am sure that you will be delighted to know that the questions are compatible with custard-filled underpants. In fact, so many people requested this cool feature we decided to make all of our quizzes custard underpants compatible.

OK, now it’s time for you to answer 12 smashing questions and reveal your inner self.

Which Bottom Character Are You?

Are you Eddie or Richie? 

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