Peaky Blinders Quiz – 15 Questions With Answers


Peaky Blinders Quiz – 15 Questions with Answers. The stunning drama features Cillian Murphy and is set in the UK in 1919, a dark and compelling look at the aftermath of the Great War. Many soldiers joined criminal gangs due to major political and economic issues caused by the conflict. Life during those times was tough.

The Peaky Blinders was one of the most powerful gangs, led by Thomas Shelby, who was portrayed by Cillian Murphy. Despite his violent and ruthless character, he is still a likeable personality. Even his bowl haircut adds to his cool persona.

The series has had a massive impact on popular culture. It has led to a significant increase in gin sales, and I have noticed that many people are now sporting flat caps which look quite stylish.

The music played in Peaky Blinders is simply stunning. The main piece is “Red Right Hand” which was originally by Nick Cave, but many other versions of the song are played throughout the series.

Now is the time to answer a few Peaky questions.

Can you beat the average score of  9/15?
So by Order of the Peaky Blinders Start the Quiz!

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