In Which Decade Quiz: Famous Events Music and TV


“Which Decade Quiz” presents significant events from history. It’s pretty simple: we show you a famous event, and you must choose from multiple-choice options to determine the decade it took place. We provide the right answer at the end of each question to keep things entertaining.

Here are some examples of famous events in history:

• The release of the first iPhone

• The first man on the moon

• The release of the first Matrix movie

I was born in the decade that man first walked on the moon – the 1960s. It was an incredible era for music, which inspired me to create the “1960s Music Quiz – UK Top of the Pops.”

So go ahead and take the quiz below. Please enjoy responsibly and share our sarcasm with others.

The Which Decade Quiz

Which Decade Quiz?

Can you work out which decade these major events happened?

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