80s Comedy Quiz – The Best of the Eighties Funny Stuff

The 80s comedy quiz features the best of 80s comedy TV and funny movies. Spinal Tap at the time was a very underrated film. It’s a spoof documentary of a failing Rock Band. Definitely worth a watch if you are into rock music or similar. If you like Rock Music you will love The 1980s Classic Rock Quiz. 

I remember the 1980s very well. It was my teenage years so I was very impressionable. I was lucky enough to see Rick Mayal do a stand-up gig. It was one of the best gigs I have ever been to. It’s what inspired me to write funny quizzes.


The 1980s funny films featured stars such as Eddie Murphy, John Candy and of course Gremlins. 80s British TV Comedy would never be the same after the introduction of “The Young Ones” and “The Black Adder”. Rick and Ade went on to star in the 90s comedy Bottom

So start 80s Comedy Quiz and find out if you are a Comedy Guru

80s Comedy Quiz

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