1980s Movie Quiz II – Test Your Knowledge on Classic Films of the Decade


1980s Movie Quiz II—The eighties was a great decade for movies. Ghost Busters and Gremlins are absolute classics. OK, these days, they do seem a bit cheesy, but we still love watching them, especially at Christmas time. ET was another massive box office hit. I have to admit that I shed a few tears when I watched it. Yeah, I am a big softie.

The 1980s Movie Quiz 2 has a question on The Shining. Surely one of Jack Nicholsons’ finest performances. A personal favourite of mine is Stand by Me. It’s a great film about teenage adolescence. It’s one of those films that makes you sad one moment and laugh the next. It’s definitely worth a watch. You have to marvel at how Bruce Willis managed to keep his white t-shirt clean in the action movie Die Hard

Now that I have set the scene, it’s time to start the 1980s Movie Quiz II quiz. Can you answer all 12 questions about 80s Movies correctly? 

1980s Movie Quiz 2

Classics such as ET, The Shining and Gremlins

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