1980s Pop Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Madonna, Duran Duran, and More!


1980s Pop Quiz Questions and Answers. Are you an Eighties Music Expert can you get 100%? This was the decade of Madonna, Madness and Duran Duran.

One of my favourite tracks from that time is “Kids of America”. It was one of Kim Wilde’s most excellent hits. Feel free to let us know your favourite on our Facebook Group.

There is no doubt that Madonna had a big effect on the music scene and of course the fashion scene. Girls everywhere were dressing just like the pop princess. It also became trendy for girls to have short hair. Personally, my favourite hit was Borderline. Even years later I still love that track.

I was also a big fan of Madness. Our House was a brilliant video full of humour and energy. You couldn’t help but hum that tune for the rest of the day. My all-time favourite from Madness is “The Prince”. If you’ve not heard it it’s well worth listening to on your favourite music streaming app. Alternatively, you could hunt it down on YouTube.

12 Questions on 1980s pop music. So, find those legwarmers and canvas jeans. Pretend you have just watched Top of the Pops and test your 80s pop music quiz knowledge.

80s Pop Music Quiz

1980s was a great year for pop music! We had Madonna, Frankie goes to Hollywood and many more. Can you get 100%?

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