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Christmas Number One Music Quiz

The Christmas Number One Music Quiz – I nearly called this The Xmas Hit Single Quiz as the questions are all about songs that reached the top of the charts during the festive period. It’s the time of year when bands you haven’t heard of in ages release a new song hoping to be Number One on the 25th of December. 

It’s known as the Silly Season for good reason and that reason is Novelty Songs. Love them or hate them we get more of them in December than in any other month. Mr Blobby and Bob the Builder are just two examples of fun Xmas pop songs. 

Example Questions

  • How many consecutive Christmas number ones did The Spice Girls have?
  • Do you know the name of Bob the Builders 2000 Christmas Number One?

To make things easier all of the questions are multiple-choice. They have also been given a generous sprinkling of humour so a couple of them may make you smile. 

There have been some fantastic Xmas hit records. But then again there have been many awful ones too.

So put on your festive jumper and start The Christmas Number One Music Quiz

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