Alternative Christmas Quiz


Are you tired of the same old Christmas quiz questions? Then you must try our very own Alternative Christmas Quiz. 15 questions and answers about the alternative side of Xmas

The festive season is a magical time of year, especially for kids. Mind you it is a period when grownups can have fun too. Many times I got down and played with the youngsters. From Lego to Scalextric I’ve sure played a mean pinball. Sorry I couldn’t help but add a song lyric there. I don’t think many people read the quiz info so the reference will probably go unnoticed. 


OK let’s get back to the alternate questions. 

  • What year was the Band-Aid track Do They Know It’s Christmas?
  • Do you know what the bestselling toy in 2001 was?

If you think that you know the above you should ace the questions. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure because there are loads of other fun questions. To make it even more straightforward it’s all multiple-choice with a fresh twist of humour. 

Alternative Xmas Quiz

15 Questions About The Other Side Of Christmas

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I Hope You Enjoyed The Alternative Christmas Quiz