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Test your movie knowledge with a free Movie Quiz, or why not take a TV Quiz. We have many exclusive quizzes. They cover classic films such as The Blues Brothers or how about a 60s movie quiz. We also have TV quizzes such as Coronation Street and Red Dwarf. We have quality tested all of our questions using Wikipedia. Find out now if you are A Movie Guru. All you have to do is answer questions on film or the best TV series.

Spreadsheet quiz

Siliconhell Invisible Movie Quiz 4

The Invisible Movie Quiz 4 by Siliconhell packed full of fun. Famous movie scenes where the characters have been made ...
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Spreadsheet quiz

Invisible Movie Quiz 3 Spreadsheet

The Invisible Movie Quiz 3 by Siliconhell packed full of fun. Famous movie scenes where the characters have been made ...
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The Big Bang Theory Quiz

The Big Bang Theory Quiz – TV Comedy Questions

The Bang Theory Quiz - 12 Questions on the hilarious US TV series. Just how well do you know the ...
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The IT Crowd Quiz Siliconhell

The IT Crowd Quiz – Try Turning It Off and On Again

The IT Crowd Quiz created by Siliconhell. The hilarious goings-on in the IT office staffed by Roy, Moss and the ...
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Friday Night Dinner Quiz

Friday Night Dinner Quiz – How many can you answer?

Friday Night Dinner Quiz, 16 Questions about the hilarious British TV sitcom. Focusing on the Goodman family. The family get-together ...
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Line of Duty Quiz by Silicon Hell

Line of Duty Quiz – Are you a Brit Cop Drama Guru?

The British Cop Drama Line of Duty Quiz. Anti-Corruption Unit 12 investigate possible corruption within the British Central Police force., ...
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The Famous Dave Quiz

The Famous Dave Quiz

Try the brand new Famous Dave Quiz. Fun questions all about famous people called Dave, David etc. It also has ...
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Stranger Things Quiz

Stranger Things Quiz + The upside-down questions

Stranger Things Quiz Questions on the excellent TV series with the scary Upside Down. The show focuses on a small ...
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Doctor Who questions quiz

Doctor Who Quiz – questions on Doctor Who the Time Lord

Siliconhell Doctor Who Quiz. Questions on everybody's favourite Time Lord. His trusty companions not forgetting the adorable K9. I think ...
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Science fiction Quiz Siliconhell FP

Sci-Fi Quiz – Are you a science fiction Guru

A Sci-Fi quiz with some of my favourite sci-fi movies and sci-fi TV series. I have always been a big ...
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FP Classic Cartoon Spreadsheet Quiz by

Classic Cartoon Quiz – Spreadsheet

Classic cartoon quiz back by popular demand. How many cartoon characters can you recognise in this fun packed spreadsheet quiz? ...
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Disney Movie Quiz by

Disney Movie Quiz

Disney movie quiz to test your knowledge. If you love Walt Disney films then you will love this quiz. It's ...
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Marvel quiz questions

Marvel Superhero Quiz

Marvel Superhero Quiz based on the 21 Marvel Universe Movies created up to spring 2019. Just about everybody loves superhero ...
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New Harry Potter quiz

Harry Potter Quiz

The Harry Potter Quiz. It all started with a series of fantasy novels by British author JK Rowling. The books ...
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EastEnders Quiz Past and Present

Eastenders Quiz

We decided to create our very own EastEnders Quiz. The questions reflect the fact that the programme has been on ...
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FP 2018 Christmas quiz

Christmas Quiz

We just had to write a Christmas Quiz. There are a few questions on Christmas music. Of course there are ...
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FP MiniPops Quiz 2

MiniPops 2 Quiz Download – can you recognise the famous people in this spreadsheet quiz

The Minipops 2 quiz was created simply because the original Mini Pops quiz was so popular. It's a fun quiz ...
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New Game of Thrones Quiz

Game of Thrones Quiz

Game of Thrones is so popular we just had to create a GoT Quiz. So, are you a Game of ...
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Emmerdale Farm Quiz

Emmerdale Quiz 2020

Emmerdale Quiz 2020 Are you an Emmerdale Guru? Do you remember Molly or Seth Armstrong? Just answer a few questions ...
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Classic Coronation Street Quiz Duckworth

Coronation Street Quiz

Try our exclusive Coronation Street Quiz now. Corrie is Britain's longest-running soap it's been on since the 1960s. It follows ...
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The Chase Quiz Questions The Beast

Chase Quiz Questions II – Can You Beat the Beast? Can you get 12/12

I have to admit that I am a massive fan of The Chase Quiz Questions. It's a great concept for ...
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Millennium Movie Quiz Johnny English

Movies and TV Comedy Quiz 2000 to 2010

We thought we would create our own TV Comedy Quiz 2000 and Comedy Movie Quiz. Some of the best TV ...
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1970s TV Comedy Quiz Fawlty Towers

70s Movies and TV Comedy Quiz – The Best of the Funny Stuff

After much demand, we created a 70s TV comedy quiz. We then expanded it to a 70s movies and TV ...
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The Chase Quiz Questions with Answers

The Chase Quiz

The Chase Quiz, using questions from the UK's' premiere quiz show. Find out if you could beat the beast and ...
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1980s TV Comedy Quiz The Black Adder

80s Movies and 80s Comedy TV Quiz – The Best of the Funny Stuff

The 80s comedy movies and 80s comedy TV series were a big change from the 70s stuff. Who can forget ...
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Classic Horror Movie Quiz The Shining

Classic Horror Movie Quiz – The 1920s to 1980s

Dare you answer the 13 Questions? A lot of people enjoy movies that frighten them. If you are one of ...
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90s Comedy Movie Quiz dumb and dumber

90s Comedy Movie Quiz

90s Comedy Movie Quiz questions on the funny films and TV series from the nineties. Dumb and Dumber was a ...
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1960s Movie Quiz Part 2 James Bond

1960s Movie Quiz II

60s Movie Quiz part two ...
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1960s TV Comedy Quiz The Plank

1960s TV Comedy Quiz – The Best of the Funny Stuff

1960s TV Comedy Quiz Do you know what St Trinian's was? What was different about the movie The Plank. It ...
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1970s Movie Quiz

1970s Movie Quiz II

1970s Movie Quiz 2 ÷ Twelve Fun questions on classic films.  Featuring classics such as Jaws, The Exorcist and many ...
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1980s movie quiz gizmo gremlins

1980s Movie Quiz II

1980s Movie Quiz II ...
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1990s Movie Pulp Fiction

1990s Movie Quiz II

Are you a 90s Movie Quiz Guru? The nineties was the decade of The Matrix, Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank ...
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1960s Music Quiz Hendrix

1960s Top of the Pops Quiz

A great 1960s Top of the Pops Quiz. Questions on epic tracks such as "Blue Moon", "House of the Rising ...
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1980s Music Quiz

1980s Music Quiz Top of the Pops

1980s Music Quiz Top of the Pops in the 1980s was massive. Quite often the presenters whereas outlandish as the ...
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Top of the Pops 1970s Quiz

Top of the Pops 1970s Quiz. It was the time of Spirit in the Sky and Disco. The Sex Pistols ...
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Classic Horror Movie Quiz The Shining

Classic Movie Quote Quiz

Classic Movie Quote Quiz. 15 quotes taken from 15 of the top-rated movies on The IMDB. We are pretty confident ...
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FP The Year 1999 Quiz v3

The Year 1999 Quiz

Today were going to party with a 1999 Quiz! Our 1999 Quiz has questions about TV series, the movies and ...
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Siliconhell Movie Connections Quiz

Movie Connections Quiz

Can you work out the connections between these films? ...
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80s Movie Quiz

80s Movie Quiz

We love 1980s film questions so we created the 80s Movie Quiz. It was a great decade for cheesy movies ...
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1960s British TV Quiz

60s British TV Quiz – The Saint, Eric Sykes,

Welcome to The 60s British TV Quiz. Ena Sharples of Coronation Street was a formidable sixties character. The Saint was ...
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FP I love 70s TV quiz 2

70s British TV Quiz – remember Grange Hill, and Rising Damp?

70s British TV Quiz by a lover of seventies television. I absolutely loved watching Grange Hill. I quite clearly remember ...
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FP Cartoon Quiz 2

Cartoon Dog Quiz

Welcome to the Cartoon Dog Quiz. We love Canines and we love cartoons. So it made complete sense to create ...
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FP peaky blinders

Peaky Blinders Quiz – are you with Thomas Shelby or against him?

Peaky Blinders Quiz is based on the stunning drama. Which is a dark and compelling look at the UK in ...
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quiz cartoon cat Felix

Cartoon Cats Quiz

Welcome to the Cartoon Cats Quiz. We thought it would be Purrfect to write a feline cat quiz. We started ...
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FP horror

Personality Test – which horror character are you?

Welcome to the Horror Personality Test! Even the best of people have a bad day. There has been a couple ...
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FP father ted illustration by ed clews

Personality Test – which Father Ted character are you?

Which Father Ted Character are you? Do you behave like a swearing Father Jack or a daft as a brush ...
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Red Dwarf Personality Test

Personality Test – which Red Dwarf character are you?

Personally, I would like to think that I am like Lister. However, I have an uneasy feeling that I frequently ...
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FP kids bike

Siliconhell Classic Cartoon Quiz Download try it now

Siliconhell Classic Cartoon Quiz We all love cartoons so how is your cartoon knowledge? Can you name these classic cartoons ...
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FP The Young Ones

Young Ones Personality Test – Which character are you?

Are you a complete Rick? The Siliconhell utterly brilliant Young Ones Personality Test will tell you. Just answer a few ...
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Bottom Quiz

Bottom Quiz – Richie and Eddie from the anarchic cult comedy

I thought I would create a Bottom Quiz because it goes perfectly with The Young Ones Quiz. After all these ...
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Which Decade Quiz Philosopher stone

Which Decade Quiz: Famous Events Music and TV

Which Decade Quiz We give you a Famous event and you choose which decade it was. For example: What decade ...
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FP Tom Hardy06

Tom Hardy Quiz – what do you actually know about this Peaky Blinder?

Edward Thomas Hardy CBE, born 15th September 1977. Originally a model then actor and film producer. His movie debut was ...
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only fools and horses

Only Fools and Horses Quiz

Only Fools and Horses Quiz. The Trotter family have been a British favourite since 1981. The story centres around Del ...
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Life in The 1970s British Music

Life in the 1970’s Quiz

Life in the 1970's Quiz The 70s was the era of Edward Heath, donkey jackets and the infamous Austin Allegro ...
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The Young Ones Quiz

The Young Ones Quiz

The Young Ones Quiz based on the hit British TV show. The anarchy began on BBC2 in the early 1980s ...
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New Red Dwarf Quiz

Red Dwarf Quiz – The Smeghead Test

Red Dwarf hits our screens in the late 1980s. It is the second longest-running UK TV sci-fi series. Only beaten ...
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FP Blues Brothers3

Blues Brothers Quiz

The Blues Brothers in our opinion is one of the best films ever made. Starring Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi ...
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Celebrity MasterChef Quiz

Master Chef Quiz – do you have what it takes to work in a restaurant?

Take the Master Chef Quiz and find out if you are a Kitchen Guru. Food questions to see if you ...
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Big Brother UK Quiz

Big Brother UK Quiz

Big-Brother UK Quiz fun questions with Answers. Do you remember Pete and the rather loud Jade?  ...
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FP JeremyKyle

Personality Test – Should you be on Jeremy Kyle?

Are you turning into your parents? Take the Test ...
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Classic Cartoon Quiz Magic Roundabout

Kids Classic TV Quiz 60s, 70s and 80s

Kids Classic TV Quiz 60s, 70 and 80s - The Magic Roundabout to Ivor The Engine. Personally, I always found ...
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The Simpsons Quiz

Simpsons Quiz – Do you really know your Bart from your Homer?

Welcome to our Simpsons Quiz. Just about everybody on the planet knows about the Simpsons family. But just how much ...
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