The Chase Quiz

Our very own The Chase Quiz, using questions from the very popular UK premiere quiz show. Find out if you could beat the beast and become a Quiz Guru.

In our opinion, The Chase UK is definitely one of the best quiz shows on TV at the moment. Some of the questions are easy. And, some of the questions are pretty difficult. We would love to get access to their question and answer list. It must have taken quite a while to collate so many questions.

We think that the best Chaser is definitely Mark The Beast. However, our favourite is most definitely Anne Haggerty. She deserves a big pat on the back for being so open about suffering from Asperger’s. It can’t be easy for her to appear on a The Chase TV show. So, Anne, you have our admiration.

So, put down your cup of tea. Start the Chase quiz and see if you could beat the chaser!

The Chase UK

Could you beat The Beast?

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