The Chase Quiz: 20 Questions from the UK’s Premier Quiz Show


Test your trivia knowledge by answering 20 questions from The Chase Quiz Show. This is your chance to find out if you have what it takes to Beat The Chaser. Undoubtedly, The Chase is one of the best quiz shows on UK television, boasting an impressive tally of over 2,000 episodes. The questions posed to contestants range from a cakewalk to downright challenging.

The Chase 2024

The six chasers are Mark LabbettShaun WallaceAnne HegertyPaul SinhaJenny Ryan and Darragh Ennis. Mark and Shaun have been chasers from the beginning, Anne since the second Series, Paul in Series 4, The Vixen in Series 9 and Paul in Series 13. 

The Chasers’ success rate of 76% against the contestants is a testament to their sheer brilliance. They have an unparalleled win rate of 82%. Anne has the highest win rate, closely followed by Paul. 

I was surprised to learn that The Beast is not the most successful chaser, even though he is the most intimidating. My favourite chaser is The Governess. She is a fascinating person with a great sense of humour.

Okay start the quiz and find out if you have what it takes to beat The Chaser.

The Chase UK

Could you beat The Beast?


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