The Chase Quiz – Can You Beat The Chaser?

The Chase Quiz, 20 questions from the UK’s premier quiz show. Find out if you have what it takes to beat The Chaser and prove you’re a Quiz Guru.

In our opinion, The Chase is the UK’s best quiz show on TV. Some of the questions are easy. and, some of the questions are pretty difficult. We would love to get access to their question-and-answer list. It must have taken quite a while to collate so many questions.

Have you ever noticed that when a celebrity appears on the show they seem to get easier questions? I am not saying that they all do, just some of them. So take note next time there is a celebrity special and see if you agree. 

You are welcome to tell us what you think of this quiz by posting in our friendly Facebook group Chat Smile Quiz. Why not tell us how many you answered correctly whilst you’re at it? 

So, put down your cup of tea. Start the Chase Quiz and find out if you could beat the chaser!

The Chase UK

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We Hope You Enjoyed The Chase Quiz