Can You Beat The Beast? Test Your Trivia Knowledge


Can you beat The Beast? Well this is your best opportunity to find out if you could. I love “Beat The Chaser Quiz”! The concept is brilliant, and Bradley, the host, is incredibly entertaining. His infectious giggles make the show even better.

If you love quizzes, you can see some of my favourite Trivia Quizzes here. Would you be able to beat The Beast? His actual name is Mark Labbett. He comes across as a Grumpy Wikipedia on chunky legs. He often gets 16 The Chase Quiz Questions correct in a row.

If you were standing before The Beast would you be cool, calm, and collected, or nervous and tongue-tied? This is your chance to find out just how well you would do.  Bear in mind that the average score for this quiz is 5/12. Give it your best, then challenge your friends to beat your score.

Beat The Chaser Quiz Questions

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We hope you enjoyed The Beat The Chaser Quiz