Not Very Rude Word Quiz: What is a Smeg Head?

Do you actually know what these rude words mean? Our Red Dwarf Quiz mentions it but what is a “Smeg Head”? You may be amused or possibly horrified at the answer. Either way, I’m sure it will make you smile.

The good news is that the quiz only contains TV-safe words. It doesn’t even contain swear words or vulgarities, although you may blush at some of the answers. You can also be assured that the questions will make you smile. Plus the answers are included so you may learn a few fun facts. How chuffin’ brilliant is that!


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Okay, enough of the blah blah let’s find out if you are a Very Rude Word Quiz Guru.

Not Very Rude Words Quiz

Words that are rude for some prudish pedants 

Red Dwarf Quiz – The Smeghead Test

Bottom Quiz – Richie and Eddie from the anarchic cult comedy

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