A to Z Big Words Quiz – but do you know what they mean?


The A-to-Z Big Words Quiz is pretty easy to get your head around. We give you a word and several options. All you have to do is select the correct meaning. 26 Multiple Choice Questions.

At one time just about every house in the country had a dictionary. Some even had a thesaurus which sadly I used to enjoy flicking through as a child. My excuses at the time we did only have three TV channels available. These days I doubt less than 10 percent of houses own a dictionary far less a thesaurus.


Wordprocessors were the 1st to impact our vocabulary. Mobile phones are owned by the vast majority and have had an even bigger impact on our ability to spell correctly. Modern spell checkers don’t help matters either! I frequently get annoyed when it tells me that I’ve spelled a word incorrectly and then suggests replacing it with American spelling.


Etymology is  the study of words and the way their meanings have changed over time



One of my favourite words is “Campanology”. It is the study of everything to do with bells and bellringing. I’ve no idea why I just like the word. The longest word in the English dictionary is “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”. And it’s an incredible 45 letters long! It’s a technical word for a lung disease more commonly known as silicosis. I bet you cannot remember how to spell it! I fully expect a pedant to contact me pointing out I have made a grammatical mistake on this page.

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