The Thank You Quiz


The Thank You Quiz with 12 questions. Could you say “Thank You” in Spain or France? Well, you will love this quiz. A dozen words in foreign languages that all mean Thank You. Your quest is to choose which language it’s written in. Some of the questions are easy whilst others will test your linguistic skills. 

We say the phrase many times every day. Sometimes to people whose first language is not English. I think it’s important to express gratitude in their language. It doesn’t take long to find the relevant word. 

Google Translate is great for learning Thanks in other languages. I have learnt it’s Merci in French and Danke in German. For me, it has become a personal challenge to see just how many different languages  I can remember. 

Grazie Thank you in Italian it pronounced Gratsea

I have found that saying Thanks to a person in their language always has a positive effect. So next time you travel abroad take a moment to learn a few phrases of gratitude. It’s worthwhile doing this for your next visit to the Indian restaurant or whatever foreign cuisine takes your fancy.

In those scenarios, I ask the waiter “Do you speak another language besides English if so what is it and how do I say Thank You in it? “. It’s a great way to learn new things and make people smile.

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Thank You Language Quiz

"Thank You" in different languages. We challenge you to get as many as you can! You can challenge your friends to try and beat you.

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