The Young Ones Quiz

The Young Ones Quiz Questions with Answers. Based on the hit British TV show. The anarchy began on BBC2 in the early 1980s. At that time I was in my mid-teens. It was like nothing else on TV at the time. As far as I was aware it was the 1st time young adults talked about anarchy, revolution and girls. Put that together with new music and knob gags. The show just couldn’t fail.

Rik Mayall played the part of Rick the revolutionist. Adrian Edmondson played the role of the punk rock wannabe Vivian. I always wanted to be like Vivian, but on reflection, I was probably more like Rick.
Of course we cannot forget supercool Mike, and the peaceloving hippie Neil.

The series also featured some great music. Amazulu, Captain Sensible, Madness and of course who could forget Motorhead. Post a comment below if you can name the others. I have deliberately missed out a few of them.

Observant fans will have spotted several flash images throughout the series. I certainly remember a skier being shown during one episode. You are welcome to tell us what images you’ve seen. Just use the comment section below.

So, don’t be a big girls blouse! Take the quiz and see if you are a Young Ones Quiz Guru.

The Young Ones Quiz

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